November 10, 2008

Cover Album

I've finally got a semi long term project for the Los Muchachos: I'm doing an album of covers. I did a cover of "Are You Gonna Go My Way" a little while ago and it was pretty fun, so I decided to try and do an albums worth of covers. I'm still working on making a list of songs I want to do, but here's what I've got so far.

The general idea is to stick as close to the original as possible, but change one thing. And then play everything else is a style that is shitty. I'm still looking for ideas of songs to cover so if you have a suggestion, please email me.

May 10, 2007

New Studio

I moved. I'm now living right by the highway in Yoyogi which is significantly quieter than my last apartment -- which was not by a highway. The new apartment has more space than the old one which has allowed me to make a dedicated studio room. I'm pretty psyched about the new studio but am still busy with new apartment stuff so I haven't really gotten around to recording anything new. I want get back to recording soon, but still have a bunch of things left to do. Things like:

  • build shelves
  • move possessions from floor to shelves
  • rearrange furniture
  • stand in line for Krispy Kreme doughnuts
  • install some wood screws in places where wood screws are needed but aren't already installed
  • finish SketchUp model of new apartment
  • eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts
  • give away some guitars
  • fix the soundproofing on my electric drums

I also have a lot of TV watching to do in the upcoming weeks, but I'm not sure when I'll finally be able to get around to actually using my new studio, but I'm sure that once I get in there, what comes out will be fairly awesome.

April 5, 2007

lmm movie on YouTube

I made a little fly-through movie of a model I made in SketchUp and put is on YouTube. The movie has a snappy lmm soundtrack and is fairly awesome.

You can view the movie either on YouTube or on the 3d page.

April 2, 2007


Los Muchachos Mexicanos is a Tokyo based band. Band members tend to rotate in and out, but the the core lineup is like this:

  • Guitars: Patrick Yodarus
  • Bass: Patrick Yodarus
  • Drums: Patrick Yodarus
  • Pedal Steel: Patrick Yodarus
  • Programming: Patrick Yodarus
  • Musical Direction: Patrick Yodarus

Los Muchachos Mexicanos is a concept band. Some concepts are: awesome, fairly awesome, TV commercial, what?, movie score, John Bonham, the Internet, nap time, and thinking.

If you would like to contact Los Muchachos Mexicanos, please use email.