July 28, 2006


Los Muchachos Mexicanos Songs are available for free download.

July 24, 2006

Los Muchachos on MySpace!

Los Muchachos Mexicanos now has a song on MySpace! The song is called Pop/Rock Song for a TV Commercial, but that was too long for the MySpace song uploaded so it's just PoRock song over there. It's actually only the first part of the song even though it sounds like it has a real ending. I started working on recording the song maybe 2 months ago and got as far as what's on MySpace in about an hour. Since then I keep putting off adding sections to the song and re-recording it.

The other day I listened to the short version again and figured it sounded OK and Los Muchachos has been around long enough without any recorded music so I put it up.

If you don't like MySpace for some reason, you can download a 192k MP3 version on the song from here.

August 29, 2005

Nice Shot Scene 3

Video is playing at the Tokyo Helloz Nice Shot Scene 3 event coming up this 8/7 at the Nakano Mod Studio (Google Map).

The lineup for this Nice Shot is pretty rockin'. Lots of fun bands and no Mamidori.

July 24, 2005

SpongeBob in 原宿

I'm in the process of changing jobs. I'm still a week away from starting my new job but my new company invited me to a launch party they were having anyway. SpongeBob was at the party, too and lots of people were lining up to have their pictures taken with him.